Fable Food Co: turning mushrooms into nutritious, tasty, sustainable meat substitutes

Australia-based company Fable Food Co was founded jointly in 2019 by entrepreneur Michael Fox; former organic mushroom grower and Young Farmer of the Year Chris McLoghlin, and Jim Fuller, a fine-dining chef with qualifications in chemical engineering and agriculture science, majoring in mushroom science.

The company’s mission was to produce nutritious, sustainable meat alternatives based on shiitake and other mushroom varieties that simulate the taste and texture of animal protein, appealing particularly to ‘flexitarians’.

Fable Food Co began turning mushrooms into meat-alternative products at the start of 2020, sourcing raw ingredients from farms across Australia and as far afield as South-East Asia – though McLoghlin’s keen to expand Australian production.

Already, the company is experiencing strong demand, says Fox, talking with Fresh Plaza in mid-March.

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Source: How one Australian company is turning mushrooms into a meat alternative I Fresh Plaza