CRCs and CRC-Ps respond to the COVID-19 crisis

The CRC Association’s ongoing directory of CRCs’ and CRC-Ps’ responses to COVID-19 includes initiatives for speeding recovery from the pandemic, building a more sustainable and innovative society, and positioning Australia to respond effectively to future challenges.

Continuing the contributions and innovations of cooperative research centres ‘is now more important than ever’, notes the Association, which encourages CRCs and CRC-Ps to contribute further COVID-19-related insights and initiatives to its directory.

COVID-19 responses

CRC Association

‘Continuing Collaboration’ webinar series helping organisations work productively through the COVID-19 pandemic:

Digital Health CRC 

National open access webinars:

COVID-19 website hub

Digital Health CRC looking to support wide scale testing to get Australians safely back to work

Innovative Manufacturing CRC (IMCRC)

IMCRC partner, SPEE3D, finding innovative solutions to tackle COVID-19

IMCRC partner Whiteley has just released the first disinfectant which has the Australian TGA approval to say it kills coronavirus

Manufacturing leadership in the face of uncertainty – in which David Chuter, IMCRC CEO and managing director, outlines why now is the most important time for manufacturing in Australia

Fight Food Waste CRC

Fight Food Waste CRC calls to make the most of what we have in the pantry and fridge, instead of doing more shopping

CRC for Alertness, Safety and Productivity

The CRC for Alertness, Safety and Productivity partner Opturion can assist hospitals manage the schedules of healthcare workers to optimise alertness and safety

Call for further contributions

Contribute your cooperative research centre’s COVID-19 responses and initiatives by contacting the CRCA.