Coles to stock sustainably sourced ‘plant-based’ water

Aussie start-up AquaBotanical’s plant-based water is recovered from manufacturers that process fruit and vegetables into juices and concentrates. The company’s patented technology ‘harvests’ the liquid found in plants, removing toxins to arrive at pure plant-based water. Bottled sustainably in recycled glass and alleged to contain no less than 74 plant minerals, the eco-friendly water is now available at Coles stores across Australia for $4 a bottle.

The harvesting process was developed more than two decades ago by chemist Dr Bruce Kambouris, who noticed the water wasted in wine-making and set about developing and patenting technology to purify water wasted in fruit and vegetable processing.

AquaBotanical CEO and co-founder Terry Paule told Inside FMCG’s Robert Stockdill that getting the company’s product into a major supermarket is an important first step on a longer journey. “Our goal is to get to the point where we can grow, harvest, bottle and sell water within a 200km radius, meaning we’re drastically reducing the carbon footprint it takes to transport the water,” Paule told Inside FMCG. “ We will effectively be producing water that is ‘locally-grown’ and continuing our efforts to be the world’s most sustainable water brand.”

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Source: Plant-based water hits shelves of Coles supermarkets I Inside FMCG