Digital technology to drive efficient, sustainable future transport networks for Australia

Cisco will fund a research director at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) to guide the development of safe, efficient and sustainable digitally-based future transport systems across the nation.

The new Research Chair in Digital Transport will lead collaborative projects that build on the university’s strengths in data science and transport systems engineering and Cisco’s leadership in global technology related to the digitisation of transport. Transport for NSW will also participate in the collaboration, supporting applied research, practical joint innovation projects and the delivery of research benefits.

The appointment will help accelerate innovation in Australia’s transport sector ‘to meet the demands of a growing population, increasing urbanisation and changing travel patterns’, says UNSW.

The new position, which will sit within the schools of Computer Science and Engineering and Civil and Environmental Engineering at UNSW, is designed to speed the adoption of digitisation and data-driven decision-making across Australia’s transport sector to create ‘an integrated, dynamic, elastic and safe transport system for goods and people’.

The university says the Research Chair will guide the development of a ‘technological agenda’ for digital transport, particularly in the areas of mobile networks, multi-vehicle planning, resource allocation, behavioural analysis and transport modelling.

Efficient, sustainable future transport networks

UNSW President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Ian Jacobs said the partnership will address the twin challenges of urbanisation and technological advancement – challenges that demand a coordinated effort from industry and academia.

“Building on UNSW’s existing relationship with Cisco, the introduction of a new research chair will further focus our work to make our transportation networks more efficient and sustainable for our future,” Jacobs said.

Ken Boal, Vice President of Cisco Australia & New Zealand, stressed the importance of modernised transport systems in supporting businesses and communities in an increasingly connected, fast-changing world.

“It is clear that our transport systems play a critical role in building resilient businesses and communities,” he said.

“A digital transport system that is connected and enabled by technology can provide insights and new capability, to safely move people and goods within cities and regionally.”

The Research Chair builds on a longstanding and productive relationship between Cisco and UNSW that includes the formation of Innovation Central Sydney, an IoT-focused research centre; and the Cisco Networking Academy, which provides UNSW engineering students with technical training and mentorship.

The announcement is part of Cisco’s three-year Country Digital Acceleration Program.


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