Byron Bay start-up makes nutrient-dense brewers’ flour from beer waste

A specialty flour made of spent grain from the beer-brewing industry that would otherwise have been wasted netted Byron-based start-up Grainstone an innovation award at last year’s Global Table event – and funding from the Fight Food Waste CRC to build on the research that underpinned its development.

The sustainably sourced flour, made from a waste product – partially fermented barley with the sugars and starches washed out – is high in fibre and nutrients, and low-GI. It is suitable for use in an array of baked products.

Further investigation into the specialty ‘brewers’ flour’ will be undertaken by researchers at Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

Grainstone is asking for expressions of interest from brewers, and has supplies of the flour available to businesses interested in participating in further product development.

For more information, visit the Grainstone website; or email

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