Building trust in Australia’s food supply chains: National Food Traceability Program rolls out

The federal government’s National Food Traceability Project aims to add transparency and traceability to Australia’s food supply chains, thereby improving food safety, ensuring providence, bolstering trust and shoring up our global reputation as a premium food producer.

A key part of the Project is the industry-led national implementation program. Co-designed by Deakin University’s Centre for Supply Chain and Logistics (CSCL), the program incorporates the Implementing Food Traceability Guide, a first for Australia, along with product-specific guides and industry demonstrations.

“This package is about building national consistency and integrity into Australia’s food traceability systems,” said Dr Hermione Parsons, Industry Professor and founding Director of CSCL. “It will ensure industry can better respond to product recalls and will give consumers greater certainty about the source of the products they buy.

“The framework was co-designed in [the] CSCL Food Traceability Lab, a partnership of the private sector, peak industry bodies and government agencies, and gives stakeholders across an agrifood supply chain product visibility and the ability to share relevant product and event data with others along the chain.

“Food suppliers will be able to trace back and authenticate genuine product as supplied and enable regulators to confirm that correct information relating to a product has been entered into border clearance and compliance processes and platforms.”

Initial industry funders of the program include CSCL Lab members Meat & Livestock Australia’s Integrity Systems Company; the Woolworths Group; and GS1 Australia, which is applying global data standards and supporting solution providers.

The first two generic traceability modules cover on-farm production and exporting. Parsons urged organisations involved in these activities to contribute their input to these modules, commencing in July.

Further information

For further information, contact the Program Manager, Rose Elphick-Darling.

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Source: Traceability program to build trust in Australia’s food supply chains I Food&Beverage Industry News